Artists Bio  

Lilith Ohan (born Ohannessian) is a Canadian artist who was born in Yerevan, Armenia. It was then part of the former Soviet Union, where freedom of expression in any form was severely restricted. Since she could not freely develop her innate gift for painting, after graduating from high school, she found refuge in the study of biology, which allowed her to connect to nature's creativity.

At the age of 20, Lilith immigrated to Montreal, Canada. Here she continued her studies in biology. After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree from Sir George Williams University (presently Concordia University), she was employed as a research assistant at McGill University where she used light and electron microscopes as tools of investigation. Here she could observe the symbiosis of living organisms, their inexorable interrelation, vitality, and design. Initially, her art developed out of this understanding and she was greatly inspired by the organic shapes of the microscopic world, by plant and animal forms.  She then pursued her studies in the Arts and in 1986 she graduated from Concordia University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art.

In 1991 she moved with her young family to Ottawa, where she continued her scientific work as Research Assistant at the National Research Council of Canada. At the same time, she practices her art whenever time permitted. Her search for self expression with minimal elements, yet with maximum content led her to sumi-e, or Japanese brush painting. Lilith started taking lessons from the noted Japanese artist/teacher Tomoko Kodama, whose breathing brush method opened another avenue of self-expression.

In addition to sumi-e, health challenges moved her towards Eastern philosophies, teachings and practices, such as Tai Chi, Taoism and Zen Buddhism. With this new awareness, Lilith developed her own and unique language of painting and drawing, combining an ancient Eastern painting style with Western sensibilities and aesthetics.     


Education and Teaching Experience:

  • Bachelor of Science degree from Sir George Williams University (presently Concordia University)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Concordia University, specializing in Studio Art (Graduation in 1986) (under the supervision of Guido Molinari, Tom Hopkins and David Moore)
  • Sumi-e classes at the Ottawa School of Art under the direction of Tomoko Kodama (1998-2006)
  • Workshop with Ghitta Caeserman-Roth (2002).
  • Mixed Media Art courses at the Napean Visual Art Center under the direction of Suzanne Warren Powell (2002-2003)
  • Giving Oriental brush painting classes and workshops since 2007.

Here are the highlights of her artistic career:

She exhibited her work with the Yohaku Group at the Japanese Embassy in Ottawa, at Britannia Gallery and in Tokio, Japan. Her work appeared in juried shows at the Ottawa School of Art. She also participated in some of the Ottawa Mixed Media Association's juried shows. She had several solo shows of her paintings and drawings. She annually participated in Ottawa Orchid Show art exhibitions and has won numerous awards. She has been frequently commissioned to do paintings for private customers.Lilith has been teaching and giving sumi-e workshops since 2007.