My first few beginners online Sumi-e classes are up. I am in a procees of creating the next one.
There is much much more to teaching Sumi-e than demonstrating the technique and how to use the materials. My most important mission is to take my students to the deeper, experiential understanding of the practice... I am trying to find ways to express myself verbally in an attempt of explaining the unexplainable. I invite you to visit my school  http://lilith-ohan-sumi-e-classes.teachable.com/

These classes are for anybody who would like to learn to paint with mindful presence, body, breath and oriental brush and produce spontaneous, elegant and harmonious line/image, using Chinese/Japanese calligraphic strokes.  It is a particular, meditative process, where you will learn the ways of bringing out the spirit rather than giving a detailed description of the subject matter. The method is originated and evolved from Tomoko Kodama's teachings.

The practice will enhance one's ability to see and connect with oneself and the world around. Both experienced artists and people with no previous experience can benefit from this way of creating.

Please contact me if you have any questions.