Whether you have never painted Sumi-e (oriental brush painting) or you have played with ink-wash painting by following books and videos or are a watercolour artist that would like to incorporate this subtle meditative energy into your paintings, I invite you to my online school.

I have been teaching Sumi-e since 2007 here in Ottawa. As of the beginning of this year, I have taken up a challenging yet fulfilling project to teach this mindful form of creating artwork using the Internet. My method is unique. It is based on my late teacher Tomoko Kodama's method, geared towards western students. I have modified it further using my personal struggles and observations and comments from my students. The modern world regardless of the location is becoming more and more westernized, thus my method is aimed but not limited to people with a western upbringing. I invite you to read my blog posts on this topic.

There is much more to teaching Sumi-e than demonstrating the technique and how to use the materials. My most important mission is to take my students to the deeper, experiential understanding of the practice... I am trying to find ways to explain this method giving the experiential understanding of the explainable; the creating in Zen spirit.

I have already published several beginners and practical courses and am working on creating more; taking my students deeper into the practical, experiential and philosophical ability and understanding.

Learning and practicing this meditative art will enhance your ability to see and connect with yourself and the world around you.

Please contact me if you have any questions.